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I'm a regular guy, nice, honest and positive and passionate. I believe a man is mature, owns up to his responsiblities, not judgmental, is compassionate and respects a woman and makes her feel good. I am here to have fun, therefore, I am almost open for everything and it doesn't really matter who you are.Chicago dudes on Tinder can be grouped into three categories -- the good, the bad, and the horny. She’s also a huge fan of peanut butter, caramel apple suckers, thunderstorms, comfortable silence, and horoscope analyzing (she’s a Capricorn).

A little over half wanted to dine in downtown Chicago with River North, Gold Coast, and the Loop being the most popular. Double bonus points for "slum it at dive establishments with shady looking characters" guy. For real though, someone tell me if I look like Alex Trebek. While suggestions such as a sword-fighting class, skydiving, or a round of golf seem a bit ambitious for a first date, I definitely appreciated the gumption. "Any place where we’ll have fun," is just a t-ball stand answer that I will knock out of the park by suggesting we drink a six pack in an alley while thinking up awesome names for cats. Mexico, Hawaii, Paris (twice), Vegas (twice), Greece (twice), the moon, Thailand, and Brazil are all ridiculous suggestions -- but perhaps the most delusional of them all is Blackhawks playoff tickets.Here's where you can meet singles in Chicago, Illinois. From margaritas at Mercadito, to boozing at The Gage, The Drifter, Slippery Slope, and The Aviary, to Signature Lounge and Japonais.Everyone in Chicago seems to be using Tinder these days. So, I decided to download Tinder, tossed my soul into a nearby trashcan, and proceeded to ask 100 women where they’d like to go out on a date.

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