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Although the proportion of Americans who say that they personally use online dating has not changed dramatically since 2005, familiarity with online dating through others (i.e., knowing someone who uses online dating, or knowing someone who has entered into a relationship via online dating) has increased significantly over that time.

Some 42% of Americans now know someone who has used an online dating site or app, up from 31% in 2005.

And twice as many people now know someone who has entered into a marriage or long-term relationship after meeting through an online dating site or app—29% of Americans now know someone who met their partner this way, compared with just 15% in 2005.

Overall, college graduates and those with relatively high household incomes are especially likely to know someone who uses online dating sites or apps.

Notably, Americans ages 65 and older are now twice as likely to know someone who uses online dating than they were in 2005 (24% of seniors now know an online dater, compared with 13% who did so eight years ago).was the most-mentioned site in both our 20 studies, and e Harmony also ranked highly in both 20.The five sites with the most mentions in each year are listed below: The online dating marketplace has undergone dramatic changes since we conducted our first study on this subject in 2005.If we examine only those Americans who are most inclined to online dating—that is, the 7% of the public that is both single and actively looking for a partner—some 38% of these individuals have used online dating sites or dating apps.Looking separately at the two distinct elements that make up definition of an online dater, some 11% of internet users say that they have used an online dating site.

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