Amber marshall dating graham

I find it fascinating to see how they interact and communicate with one another. I am continually learning more and would love to spend more time with those who have the ability to communicate to animals through body language and understanding.

I enjoy that saying and I feel that in many cases, it is all about a person's ability to see through the exterior of their partner.

Do you find the work of a so-called horse whisperer interesting? I find the ability to learn, understand, and communicate language with an animal is a remarkable gift.

Ever since I was young I have spent countless hours with many kinds of creatures.

There are trainers on the set whenever the horses are around, but for the most part the horses are very well behaved.

If we have to do a big stunt with a horse rearing up or falling – then the trainers prepare a certain horse to be able to do these stunts. In "Heartland" spielt du Amy Fleming, ein Mädchen, das mit misshandelten und verstörten Pferden arbeitet.

The horses on set are working just as hard as any of us humans and in my opinion they don't get enough credit.

The main animal character on the show is a black Quarter-Horse named Spartan. We always have to laugh on set when Spartan is sleeping in the barn as we set up a shot, and then as soon as we roll the cameras he is alert and on his mark.

Könntest du dir einen solchen Job für dich selber vorstellen?She is happy to lay off camera all day and watch me work. She loves that I travel around to beautiful remote locations to film Heartland, as she gets to explore each one.She is always close enough to hear my loud whistle and when it’s time to head home, she comes running back.Die Haupttierrolle in der Serie ist ein schwarzes Quarter-Horse namens Spartan.Er kennt seinen Job genauso wie alle anderen Schauspieler.

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