Best dating guide men

Or you could follow our flowchart and find the one designed to pair you with the woman (or man, or costume-wearing sex slave) of your dreams.

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Rejection, man's most despised emotion, is the woman's way of telling you, "You turn me off." Read this column every week and you will never go through this painful experience again, because from now on, the Reality Factor will be your friend, not your nemesis.That week, Tom thinks up 144 possible rosy scenarios of why she broke her word.He didn't think of Reason 145, the only one that counts, which states that Caprice has zero interest in him (Dating Rule No. The Bottom Line Factor also says that if Tom were reflective and had thought about it, he would have asked himself how many dates he has broken in his life. (Hint: less than one.) If, after some psychological detective work, Tom had discovered that Caprice broke the date because her father did not give her a bicycle on her tenth birthday like he had promised; it still wouldn't have made a difference.The Bottom Line Factor says that if she breaks the date, she is not interested in Tom.Sadly, most men call back for another beating rather than utilize The Bottom Line Factor.

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