Brody and jayde still dating

I’m loving life.” He added of Nicole, whom he had known for two years before they officially began dating, “The reason why I love this girl so much is because she knows me. Just two days before he left for Australia, Jenner was still Nicole’s number-one fan, re-posting her Tweet for fans to vote for her in an Ask poll: “I’m up for the TOP 99 of 2010 pls go vote lots! Last January, Jenner, told PEOPLE, “We’re completely smitten [with] each other. In true DJ AM style, the event was simple (no food or adult beverages) and reflected that of a chilled Hollywood night out as some of the many hundreds of guests were dolled up in their finest black attire while others opted for a more casual look of jeans and a shirt."It was beautiful, a mixture of laughter and tears," one attendee told Tarts, adding that around 50 people (including girlfriend Haley Wood) spoke, sharing stories and tributes.

Taking a higher road for a moment, Francis said he’s more concerned about the flames ravaging his town. LA is about to burn to down and people give a crap about this?

It was an unprovoked attack by two losers." This isn’t the first time Jenner and Francis have butted heads.

Earlier this year, the two had another heated exchange at club My House. It was so interesting because in that attack, Jayde punches Abbey Wilson, her new best friend, who was the girl by her side that she went to rescue, who was my girlfriend at the time," Francis said.

"I don’t know who Jayde is, I’ve never talked to that girl.

I’m so above these people." He does, however, seem to have heard a thing or two about Brody Jenner's, um, Jenner Jr.

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