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I have incorporated almost all the notes from Pigaryov's edition, (A:33ii) (1) which are a summary of many people's findings, references to Aksakov's biography and extracts from Tyutchev's letters, as well as including comments by many researchers and myself.

The full version and my translation of every identifiable surviving foreign work Tyutchev translated permits readers to consider why he may have chosen particular material for translation in the first place and why he retained its sense or altered it as he did.

I believe that he has tackled sensibly the dilemma of the equation facing all translators of poetry - to what extent to reproduce the originals.

It seems inevitable that some of the rhymes and the other formal features must be sacrificed to the need to reproduce the "feel" of Tyutchev's often amazing lyrics.

I shall also continue to work at the translations of the poems.

I am all too aware of the defects of several of my versions, although I hope they are at least accurately rendered, even if they do little justice to Tyutchev.

A study of Tyutchev in the letters and memoirs of others would prove illuminating.

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This book has been interestingly illustrated by Shaheen Razvi.

Its only forerunner was Charles Tomlinson's slim volume of 1960.

This contained poems of great distinction by an eminent poet, but there was more of Tomlinson in them than Tyutchev.

There are too many gaps in published Tyutchev scholarship for any one researcher to deal with.

The present book is intended to be the first of several of various lengths and formats which I wish to produce as time allows and whose overall aim is to fill some of these gaps.

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