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Eye drops contain a preservative which helps prevent germs growing in the solution for the first four weeks after opening the bottle.After this time there is Expand...a greater risk that the drops may become contaminated and cause an eye infection. If your doctor tells you to stop using the eye drops or they have passed their expiry date, ask your pharmacist what to do with any remaining solution.I even checked some of the ophthalmology sites and all I could find was to toss them after 4 weeks but because of possible bacterial overgrowth not because of loss of patency. As long as the bottles were not opened so that sterility is not an issue, then they can be used after the expiration date as there is no medication in these products that can expire or decay. Read more There is nothing in Refresh plus that would decay unless stored in excessive heat.Dispose of carefully, preferably by returning to your pharmacy.

I'm not sure, as well, where you found an MD on this site to answer your question. The information given here is from mostly laymen, sometimes professionals, like kaismama and myself, who take the time to write. Arrow Pharmaceuticals from New Zealand concurs with the dating when opened and discard four weeks later.How long they were good and that was my answer And even you would have been impressed with her credentials, she had her doctorate in pharmacy.Would your Pharmacist be willing to tell me where he or she got her answer... since I haven't been able to find a written answer anywhere, and the pharmacist I was dealing with also said she wasn't sure where her info came from but was sure she read it somewhere...I am a Retired RN with over 40 yrs experience and a CDE so I am doing clinical research to either verify what this Pharmicist is telling me.not.. I will call my own MD but from looking at the PDR and Leaflet from the Timolol it doesn't say.other clinical site only UK site state Multidose container is only good for 4 weeks once opened... Thank you for you helpjanice If you're waiting for an MD to answer here, you may have a long wait, this is a community support group. I hope you weren't gullible enough to pay to ask a question.The drug will have the same strength up to the expiration date on the bottle. I am a retired RN and CDE and have looked up many drugs, but could not find answer for patency of med once bottle is opened...

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