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I worked in an ophthalmologists office and surgical center for years as an ophthalmic RN and we kept drops, once opened, for 30 days only (which would fall in with the 4weeks that you found documented).This wasnt because they were no longer potent or that the strength changes-evaporation shouldnt happen that fast if you are only having the cap off long enough to give the drop.

However, any medicine remaining in the bottle after it has been open for four weeks or more is likely to be contaminated with germs and should no longer be used.

have e-mailed the company and my Pharmacist said it is good for 3 months... waiting for MD from this site to answer my question as I asked and submitted pay pal payment don't know when I will get my answer...

can anyone help with this question not in the leaflet that comes with the eye drops...

Thank you I guess you mis understood what I am asking for...

I am not playing Doctor this is a precription drug that I have been taking for a long time but now this Pharmacist is changing the length of time before refills saying the med is good for 3 months but she couldn't tell me where she got her info...

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