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His remarks are another example of his consistent tactic of presenting himself as an innocent victim — almost a passive by-stander in the matter.’To Penny, 66, even the book’s title, referring to the 1989 Children Act which sets out what local authorities and the courts should do to protect the welfare of children, is provocative.

‘The injunctions on Steve and me were made under the terms of the Act,’ she explains.

She intended to throw them all away but as she began reading she realised she had an almost complete record of the case.

And for the first time she has read every page of every judgment and every witness statement.

And can Mc Ewan’s use of the act’s name be a coincidence given that Penny Allen’s father — a director of social services in East Sussex — actually helped draft the legislation?

Get rid of this crap by registering your own SA Forums Account and joining roughly 150,000 Goons, for the one-time price of .95!Indeed, matters became so acrid that for one hearing in 1999, Miss Allen and her partner Steve Tremain arrived at court wearing gags over their mouths in protest against an injunction banning them from talking about the proceedings.Even now, 15 years on, the rancour still reverberates and the draconian legal restraints won by Mc Ewan —who is a leading supporter of free speech movements like PEN (which supports persecuted writers) and Index on Censorship — still prevent his ex-wife from discussing any aspect of the case and the custody battle.‘He has even lately criticised the court-appointed welfare officer in our case and referred to her criticisms of me.Now she is turning the dry, punctilious legalese into a journal that tells the inside story of the divorce.It will be her account of what happened from the inside, from the divorce to the aftermath, and how she feels Ian Mc Ewan was protected by the powerful and influential friends he had cultivated in public life while she was virtually alone.’To understand all this bitterness, we need to go back to the early Seventies, when Penny and Mc Ewan, son of a Glasgow-born Army officer, met at the University of East Anglia where he was on a creative writing course and she was studying English literature. I suppose I was lucky I married a woman who fascinated me and I remain fascinated by her.

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