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In some cases in the past (though perhaps not now) the girl was tied into a sack and her potential husband would lie in bed with her.

In modern times it is also not uncommon to see a bundling bed – a bed with a board in the middle to prevent touching.

There are two types of Ordnung – those determined in the early history of the religion by conferences (these are usually written down rules) and those passed verbally within each group.

The rules are mostly derived from the Bible but those which aren’t are justified by the fact that they will cause a person to ultimately become worldly and thus breach the Biblical laws.

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The practice has died out in most of the world (it was practiced by some non-Amish too) but in the Pennsylvania Amish communities it is still to be found.The Amish believe in living a life separated from the non-Amish.They quote the Bible to justify this belief: “Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers. Each community has one Bishop, two ministers and a deacon all of whom are male.The Ordnung (order) is the set of rules for each Amish community. Because the Amish believe in a strictly literal interpretation of the Bible these rules are created in order to keep their members in line with the laws therein.Amish communities are not centrally governed so each group comes up with their own version of the rule.

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