Dating baseball photos by uniform style

A stereograph card features two identical photos mounted side by side that, when viewed through a stereoscope, merge and appear to present a single three-dimensional image.

The technique for making stereographs dates to the 1830s; however, they did not become popular until the 1850s, when an easy-to-use viewer (the stereoscope) became widely available.

The New York Mets pitcher was recently named one of the most stylish people in New York by , Harvey also proved he has excellent style awareness.

Harvey told Kirsten Fleming, "Definitely the lighter the shirt I am wearing, the more my eyes pop.

Very Good to Excellent condition overall, with most displaying normal handling faults consistent with their age.

The entire collection can be viewed on the internet.

I've always really liked to look good and to dress well."At 22 years of age, Bryce Harper is one of the best young players in the MLB today. His Instagram account documents a wide style range—casual T-shirts, beanies, even bold suit jackets.

From creative hair styles to his casual-chic wardrobe, Harper makes fashion a priority.

Derek Jeter used to be the king of New York—and a pretty great dresser to boot. 2 has retired, Matt Harvey is stepping in to take over New York's baseball fashion title.

The pitcher's Instagram features photos of clean suits, casual button-ups and of course, his best accessory.

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels doesn't appear to have an Instagram account, but he has proved he can pull off a sharp-looking outfit.

Many of the photos date from the 1870s and picture teams in early bib-front style uniforms.

Among the images included are games in progress (with one displaying a tent next to the playing field), team photos, children in uniform, an informal pickup game in the street and scenes from "Base Ball Day" in Central Park, New York (two duplicates, one colorized).

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