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A clergyman is a different kind of person, "a member of the third sex."l Religions affirm this difference by requiring celi- bacy, or at least a different kind of sexual morality from that of the laity; by ordaining instead of invariably requiring graduation of their trainees; by suggesting that poverty may be a blessing and worldly goods a temptation; by asking them to be prophets; and by affirming that the ministry is basically different from all other callings in that those in it are there because they have heard a divine call. ■•Confrontation in Washington-The Cardinal versus the Dissenters." New York Times Magazine, Nov. His motivations are expected to be more noble, his calling more sacred, his thoughts more pure, his life more dedicated, his sacrifices more generous."* Rubenstein has pointed to this sense of differentness: "Religion abounds in paradoxes not the least of which is the peculiar combination of arrogance and humility which so frequently marks the religious leader."The medical doctor may have greater status, the attorney * The Rev. He is in his own eyes privy to secrets unavailable to the multitude.Others have picked up on Freud's idea of the conflict between the superego and the instincts and emphasized particularly the sexual and aggressive drives." Flugel pointed out that this conflict is relieved by projection of the sugerego, which now appears as God.15 Ranck, Broen, Rokeach, and others have pointed to the relationship of personality and religious positions of various sorts.'" Which- ever theory one adopts, religion and personality seem to be deeply involved.This relationship may be ex- pressed consciously or unconsciously.It may be seen as the implementation of the self-concept" or the choice may be made because of the need to resolve certain drives.Shalit Max Wohlberg 49 JOURNAL OF SYNAGOGUE MUSIC, Volume XII Number 2 December 1982/ Kislev 5743 Abraham Lubin editor: Samuel Rosenbaum EDITORIAL BOARD: Lawrence Avery, Ben Belfer, Jack Chomsky, Baruch Cohort, Charles Davidson, Solomon Epstein, Saul Meisels, Solomon Mendelson, Chaim Najman, Moses J. business board: Israel Barzak, Robert Kieval, Martin Leubitz, Sheldon Levin, Yehuda Mandel, Bruce Wetzler OFFICERS OF THE CANTORS ASSEMBLY: Abraham Shapiro, President; Ivan Perlman, Vice President; Saul Hammerman, Treasurer; Harry Weinberg, Secretary; Samuel Rosenbaum, Executive Vice President. He recentlv returned from a year spent at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem.

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10 It is hypothesized that there is a relationship be- tween personality and occupational choice.The God who is created is thus a fantasy father figure who helps us out with many of the prob- lems of guilt and aggression, sex and ego.Religion is seen as one response to a variety of frustrations.Religion has also been seen as related to personality needs.Since Freud, many have seen religion as a phenomenon based on neurotic security needs within the individual.

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