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According to medical guidelines, ADHD affects five percent of school-aged children and the male to female ratio in diagnosed ADHD prevalence is at least four to one. School-aged children grow up and turn into adults, and while they sometimes ease, symptoms don't suddenly disappear.

Jamie Tambor, 23, (left) is a healthcare worker, diagnosed with the condition at six.

She adds that using clinical diagnoses, researchers have found that 26 percent of people in prisons across the world have ADHD.

'I think it reflects a referral bias', said Dr Young.

When we think of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), the first thing that springs to mind is an image of hyperactive young boys making trouble in a school classroom.'When you've got little kids on a carpet, the little boy will be the one who's jumping, he can't sit down, he suddenly runs out of the room.Whereas a girl with ADHD is the one who is last out of the room, who walks into things or who forgets stuff.'She adds that there is a social influence that also has a big impact on the underdiagnosis of girls, especially reflected in attitudes when she was growing up.She explained that boys will display hyperactive outbursts and be difficult to manage when they're young.They are the typical image of a child with ADHD whereas young girls often present their symptoms differently, 'they might present as more daydreamy and in a world of their own, moving in on themselves.

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