Ex boyfriend internet dating sites addiction

He currently blogs about drug and alcohol addiction, and how to move beyond them.You can find him on his days off watching Game of Thrones with his cat, or arguing over how to best cook a steak.Once you understand alcoholism or addiction, it makes it just a little easier to forgive them for whatever they may have done to you.

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Being able to identify the reason for a breakup offers at least some semblance of comfort, even if the world seems like a cold, sad place.

In my case, it was hard to let go of the person I loved, because it felt very much as though alcohol had consumed that person and left nothing behind.

Breaking up with an addict can feel like losing someone forever, because the person you loved is hidden deep underneath the person their substance of choice has turned them in to. I felt as though I had so much left to say, but I could never tell her how I felt. While closure can come from the outside, it can also come from within. Addiction is one of the most difficult struggles any person can face, and they do it every day.

Blaming is easy—it’s why most of us default to this emotional response in the aftermath of a tough breakup. However, it didn’t take long for that blame to evolve. I felt as though I pushed her to where alcohol was her only option.

I felt as though I wasn’t worth her time or affection, and that an addiction was more rewarding and stimulating than a relationship with me.

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