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I think you’ll find this ceremony to be a very satisfying conclusion to the long process you’ve both been through. Applying for the very first passport must be done in person at an approved location.She’ll want to change her citizenship status with Social Security at some point. One last thing: she may want to consider obtaining dual citizenship–especially if the two of you want to take long visit to the Philippines (or even consider moving back there).But the USCIS does have 120 days (4 months) to issue a decision, so don’t get too concerned if you don’t hear from them right away. Here are just a few helpful hints for the ceremony, but remember things can vary a little (depending on how many applicants there are, the specific venue, your location, etc.).*There will probably be two lines going into the venue: one for the applicants and the other for the applicant’s family/friends.*The applicant will see an agent to make sure the details are correct on the certificate of citizenship.

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Here are a few of the steps I have already discussed in previous posts: visa is a little different, but steps 2-5 are part of everyone’s immigration who comes to the USA to be with his/her fiancee/spouse. You may be planning to move, expecting a baby, or other events that would make the timing less than idea.

Here are the requirements, straight from the USCIS Website: Should you apply as soon as she is allowed? By this time she’ll have her 10-year visa, so there’s not necessarily a rush.

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    Download, complete, print out and sign the Application Packet (computer writeable and saveable PDF format).