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End of day they charge interests irrespective of anything, DO NOT EVER APPLY to this card its such a waste. Their fraud department is absolutely incompetent and lack empathy. The lack of accountability and care tainted my overall view of citi bank, I would never recommend them.This card is great if you love getting patronized by their phone reps with "don't worry I understand" canned speeches followed by holding for supervisors who will tell you things that blatantly contradict what another supervisor later says, after you tried to do the thing the first supervisor said to do.And that’s pretty much anywhere that takes plastic.

The Best Buy store card can only be used at Best Buy, while the Best Buy credit card can be anywhere Visa is accepted.

Furthermore, you only need “fair/limited” credit to get approved for the store card, but the Visa requires at least “good” credit. The Visa simply gives you the ability to earn 1% back on non-Best Buy purchases, plus some Visa-specific benefits: https://com/support/consumer/.

You can learn more about the differences between the Best Buy Store Card and the Best Buy Visa from our in-depth review: .

Just ask a cashier for assistance or go to the customer service desk.

They'll be able to look up your account and process your payment right away.

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