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Rather than being summoned by the Vadrigar into the Arena Eternal, Zero used the sorcery of his native E'rath (Earth, dimension 7) to join the games, hoping to hone the skills he would one day use to break completely free of | 175.29 KB "General Rika is a high ranking general of Thracia who doesn't like obeying any of President Trabant IV's orders (because the president is a lot more peaceful than his father).She's the violent type and will attack anyone with brutal | 112.2 KB Long ago, Catholics used to go to a land and make the people who lived there build cathedral's in order to worship the christian g-d.

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With their new found toys, they want to dismantle the current rulership system that has Neo-Tokio gripped | 103.56 KB I didn't really like the slash model to start with, but as played against people using the model/bots I noticed that the animations are amazing and they really make the model something special.

I wanted to do a skin with a grungie, punky, nu-metal kinda f | 202.32 KB "Rook is one of the warriorborn, a caste of warriors doomed to infinate reincarnation until they avenge the dishonour of their defeat during the ten-minute war over five thousand years ago." | 177.94 KB This is my third skin for Nrk and also my first female skin although you can't really tell.

She has a really cool green glow effect that was originally going to be her veins but eventually grew into her armour as the skin progressed.

If your into hellish looks spikes the skin for you. After browsing through the many models in q3, I decided I liked it the best.

I wanted to personalize it, so I made a skin for myself. I think it's not that good, but I'm giving it a s | 256.57 KB For the Demonica Model. I've seen enough of those corny cardboard stand-ups and fansites to know that Ms. So anyway, that's why she was born." | 734.78 KB As of late, I have been addicted Ever Quest. So after killing about a thousand spiders I thought that I would create a skin for the klesk model that is loosely based on an Ever Quest spider.

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