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Najprej si boste primer ogledali, kasneje pa ga bomo skupaj analizirali.Tretje in četrto srečanje bo še v mesecu juniju 2010.Boris Deanovič Delavnica o interpretaciji dediščine je nadaljevanje petkove delavnice.Ker bomo v petek obravnavali kaj dediščina je, boste v soboto spoznali, kako lahko dediščino interpretiramo.Nicklaus had more rivals over the course of his career (Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino, Tom Watson, for example) but overall, fewer guys who could challenge him.

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I'm in my first year at university propranolol prescription canada There might be a little chicken and egg to it all because Woods, and to some extent Mickelson, were hogging a lot of majors, but certainly there are a lot more players now who think they can win.

That’s one reason why the odds keep getting smaller that Woods will catch Jack Nicklaus at 18 major wins.

Spoznali boste osnove interpretacije ter primere, kje in kako lahko to interpretacijo uporabimo pri predstavljanju dediščine.

V drugem delu pa boste na terenu spoznali primer interpretacije dediščine.

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