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By focusing on delivering a consistent, well designed (and therefore less flexible) user experience WP raises its middle finger at both the device manufacturers and mobile carriers.

) but there needs to be something funny going on about every 15 to 20 seconds.

The question is: will end-user dissatisfaction with Android’s inconsistencies and fragmentation be strong enough to allow the better product to succeed. But their HW bias (and manufacturing capex structure) prevent them from breaking out of this (there are no proof points of large hardware manufacturers becoming successful software companies). Their core business models (search, desktop/server OS, office, …), as well as the fact they can’t build HW, means they are always at the mercy of some middleman between them and the customer. They love speeds & feeds and will generally buy anything they are told to by television ads and RSPs (Retail Sales Professionals).

The fact that Windows Phone has, thus far, avoided fragmentation (almost every WP7 device from every manufacturer & carrier automatically got updated to WP7.5 “Mango” this fall) actually points to one of the core reasons: A virtuous cycle is one where each side of the market both gives and receives positive value from the other sides. OS providers: Own the core of the customer experience. 3rd Party Developers: Deliver the most of the end-user benefit. They will target whatever platforms have the greatest promise of ‘eyeballs’.

It could be the worst five minutes in movie history.

If Disaster Movie were even a little bit funny, I’d probably be able to ignore that it looks so cheap.

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