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Its reception area has a stunning model of a flying dragon made by local school children, based on the dragon at the top of the painting “The Field of the Cloth of Gold” which is on display at Hampton Court.

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The event was part of a highly successful two-week Market House Festival organised by Marilyn Mason.In Saxon times we do not know where the tide ended! There were many weirs and a fish trap dating back to the 1300s as Teddington was in the shallows. The population was halved during the Black Death in 1348, bishops and monks at the Abbey died so food was no longer required. Century, but Teddington was less popular than Twickenham and Hampton.Houses had spread along the High Street to the village pond at the corner of Park Road. Much changed with the building of the railway line in 1863 which cut the village in two.It may be tempting fate to say it, but for many years now the weather has been very good.Looking up into the trees to see the mistletoe with a bright blue sky behind it, makes it even more special.

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