Gifts for boyfriend of one year dating

At last, treat him to dinner at his favorite steakhouse to wrap up the day.

With the use of smartphones and social media, hardly anyone has their photos actually printed these days.

It doesn’t even have to be a week-long vacation to a five star resort; instead, you can take just a small day or weekend trip to somewhere you’ve both been talking about going.

Men love a little pampering time just as much as we do, and they particularly love massages.

You can find companies that sell these cute everlasting flowers online.

Another idea from a monthly delivery service is a gift that gives all year long.

Think about monogrammed coffee mugs, pillow sets, and jewelry.

It’s a great way to get your man something personalized without being cheesy.

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You can do a framed collage, or even an album that you can add to in the years to come!Doesn’t it always seem like buying presents for guys is so much harder than buying presents for girls?No matter how well you know your man, getting him the perfect gift for an anniversary always feels like a struggle.You can commission all different types of art, from very personal portraits or more vaguely yet romantically connected pieces. Whether your man’s got a full grown beard, or he keeps himself clean shaven, all men have some facial grooming to do!You can sign your boyfriend up for a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club, where he’ll get a delivery every month of fresh, fancy razors and everything he needs for a well-groomed and handsome face!

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