Gyllenhall dating

Its at the point where Tammy would roll his eyes at Jake. He's been spotted multiple times with women in obviously non platonic situations all over NYC and LA by regular people on Twitter and other sites.Just last week in fact he was seen making out with some blonde girl in NYC by folks on Twitter and there is photographic evidence.So did anything like that happen on Stern, or was it a boring interview?I can believe he's primarily attached to women and he's been mainly with women.He's not gay and he was so overrated in Nightcrawler. When even Howard can't get decent stuff out of you, you suck.His boxer movie is gonna bomb and not even Harvey will be able to get him an Oscar for the Lifetime piece of crap of a movie. Jake spoke in this soft monotone the whole time, too. Did Howard Stern get him to admit to personal stuff?

There is no way he felt only platonic bro love for either of them. Then maybe it was only them two and everything else since and before were women.Parading around with women in front of paparazzi is not proof of straightness. All the credible, real evidence is that he is heterosexual.[quote]making out with some blonde girl in NYC by folks on Twitter and there is photographic evidence. Big stars don't tend to make out in public places unless their motivation is "photographic evidence".Even Wentworth Miller had women walk around with him in seemingly couply situations and brag to reporters of sleeping together. R61 I was just thinking the same, that I had read that phrase elsewhere but in similar context.I was surprised by his urban accent.[quote]It took this closet queen 2 years to say anything about Ledger and only when his PR had cleared it and he was promoting a new flick. For all you know they yelled "Cut" and they never saw each other until the Oscars. Yes, their work is on film forever but that isn't real life.Gayllenhaal didn't bother to show up for Ledgers memorial service in LA as he was trying desperately to shake the "Brokeback" image at that time. Do you go to the memorials of everyone you ever worked with for twelve weeks? R139 I hope if he ever comes out, he doesn't expect love and support, but he seems like kind of the guy who wouldn't want it.

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