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"Male and female employees might be interchangeable in the office, but at home, couples – and women in particular – need to acknowledge, respect and indeed celebrate their differences, otherwise men feel sidelined and retreat into themselves." When Kaye examines the traits that each partner displays, she routinely finds that in many couples the traditional female and male attributes are completely reversed. "But interestingly, they don't seem to mind so much that they have female characteristics; they're far more appalled that their wives have so many male characteristics, because that's what effectively emasculates them.When questions are asked such as; "Who books the holidays? When I tried it out on my own partner I was 70 per cent male and 30 per cent female and he was 50 per cent each way, which we could both live with, but if I am honest I would have preferred to reversed the score." Under the circumstances, I am grudgingly impressed that my husband is merely 40 per cent female, as it turns out he is actually married to a man – I may have two children but, terrifyingly, I'm 90 per cent male in my bullish attitudes and bossy behaviour. One of my friends, an attractive blonde events organiser, is 100 per cent male."Many of us are so focused, decisive and assertive, that the only role left for our husbands is one where they comply and let us take charge – traditionally feminine traits.But the irony is, we don't actually want men like that, and we end up eventually resenting them for not being more dominant and fearless." Where once men's clearly defined role was simply to hunt and gather, they are now faced with women who do exactly the same in their careers, and who, once they get back from the office, demand total equality at home.Women, on the other hand, crave the three Cs: to be Cherished, Complimented and Communicated with.To get our relationships back on track, we women must try to rein in our control-freakery and rediscover our femininity, which will (theoretically) reawaken our partner's dormant masculinity.No longer sure of their role, these "egalitarian" men have been left straddling the gender divide and are becoming male-female hybrids, in some cases displaying far more feminine characteristics than their partners."Some women have become ball-breakers," says Francine Kaye, known professionally as The Divorce Doctor, with an eponymous website.

Psychiatrist and medical director of Cygnet Health Care, Adrian Lord, says that political correctness means today's chaps are mired in confusion."You get branded an ignorant pig if you don't give a woman a seat and a sexist pig if you do," he says. Everything that men stand for has been denigrated and run down over the last few decades, and we've got to become a bunch of lily-livered, pansy-picking wimps in order to survive." It comes as no surprise that sex lives are suffering; or that internet porn is booming, says Lord: "Evolution hasn't caught up with the sexual politics of the boardroom, and never will; men are still biologically programmed to be attracted to women with curves who look and act feminine, not androgynous women who stride about like men to forge ahead in their go-getting careers," he says."Many men seek sexual gratification online because the women they come across fulfil their fantasies and it's safer than dealing with the hard-bitten females they come across in real life."It was like they were broking a work deal rather than looking for love.By and large they came across as a bunch of shopping-obsessed hyenas and it was a complete turn-off.

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