How to handle rejection during dating

I remember him tossing a football around and, on another occasion, sitting comfortably in a small class, speaking sensibly about some arcane subject or other.

If I had been asked to describe him in one word, I would have said poised.

I always discourage patients from taking these drugs every day as many do, not infrequently for years at a time; but except for undermining that person’s self-confidence, they do not represent a danger in small doses.

So, I agreed to write the prescription and saw him at monthly intervals.

I never quite understood why he got started on these drugs in the first place.

Do you feel more comfortable talking about yourself? As important as it was to go out on a limb into the risky waters of dating, it remains as important to continue to try.We socialized briefly, only to lose track of each other once again--and then, years later, once again come to know each other by working together briefly in a professional setting. He was running a large institution in New York City. “It’s my separation mustache.” He explained to me when I looked at him quizzically that he and his wife had separated. Then, after a moment, he grabbed my arm and pulled me into a corner of the room. “Do you remember when you were sixteen or seventeen and you were afraid to ask a girl out because she might refuse? ” he said, grabbing both of my lapels and shaking me.One day, at a meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, I said hello to him and noticed that he had grown a mustache. If this guy, who was good-looking, accomplished and poised was nervous about approaching women, then everybody was, I thought. About ten years ago a middle-aged man came to see me about renewing a prescription for benzodiapenes that he had been taking for years.When you see it a beneficial event, you will be more likely to try it again. Much like the cliché proverb goes, failure is never final.Take this missed opportunity as a learning experience for yourself and others.

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