How to handle rejection during dating

So whether you feel disappointed, hurt, angry, anxious, remember that you can and will overcome it. But this kind of thinking can really do a number on your daily functioning.

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Any set of circumstances in which one reaches out for something: acceptance, approval, the good opinion of friends and family—the good opinion of anyone at all-- there is the risk and, indeed, the certainty of rejection from time to time.

When you see it a beneficial event, you will be more likely to try it again. Much like the cliché proverb goes, failure is never final.

Take this missed opportunity as a learning experience for yourself and others.

Only someone especially sensitive takes offense if someone fails to laugh at an anecdote he/she has told. I spend considerable time in the therapeutic setting trying to convince patients not to be offended when no offense is intended.

It is as if these individuals have their antennae out all the time waiting to react to the first sign of rejection.

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