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In other words, the management forsake its duty to inform the MR.As a result, the MR is unable to fulfill its advisory function.Following this string of events, we conclude that this manner of decision-making is not in accordance with the legal obligation to provide information. Recently, the link between growth and education has been called into question, once again, by Minister Plasterk of OC&W (the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science).On March 16th, 2009, the minister wrote a letter in which he asked the 'HBO raad' (council of Higher Education) to research the relationship between the procedures of selection and the quality of art education.We want the Rietveld Academy to maintain its unique character and to remain in its designated building.We also demand a rigorous research of all the needs of the academy (a new 'Programma van Eisen'), based on the experiences of the teachers, and executed by an independent committee.Bearing this in mind, this is not the right moment to make such a high-risk decision; a decision that can never be reversed.A decision whereby the Rietveld Academy will never be able to return to smaller numbers of students. We strongly doubt whether the the former GAK building, designed in 1961 as an office building, will be an actual improvement, especially when measured against the loss of the original Rietveld building.

Weeks later, the rest of the 250 Rietveld employees could read in Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant (in an article published on 30 April, 2009), that the management wanted to relocate the academy to the 'Bos en Lommer' area of Amsterdam (a so-called 'Vogelaarwijk': one of the poorest and most problematic districts of the Netherlands). After protest by the majority of the coordinators, this moment of decision has been postponed for two weeks.The location, stuck inbetween a highway and a residential area, is unsuitable.The building doesn't open itself to its surroundings.I am mainly acting on sentimental reasons, despite the fact that there might be valid reasons that lead to this plan.Those who are in charge of this decision should first of all think back to the 1950s, when it was decided to design the current building.

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