Interracial dating racialicious

Between 20 there's been a 32% increase in the mixed-race population (from 3.9 million to 5.2 million). marriage rates educational attainment2.

Excerpts of Dr Whelan's books can be found at She also has a great blog on her website.3. It's not news to me--these are some of the same statistics I found in Don't Bring Home A White Boy and Other Notions That Keep Black Women from Dating Out, and that were highlighted in The Washington Post article on the subject back in February.

The Higher Ed Gap is As Much About Race as Gender Using the 2009 CPS census data on highest education level completed, the ratio of females to males with Bachelor's degrees and higher (professional, Master's and doctorates) is: Age 25-29 Age 30-34Black 1.67 to 1 1.77 to 1White 1.23 to 1 1.24 to 1Asian 1.10 to 1 1.17 to 1Latina .96 to 1 1.56 to 1The ratio of black females to males is far greater than any other group at 25-29 and gets even bigger at 30-34, where it flips for Latina women.

At 30-34 there are 177 women for every 100 men with bachelor's degrees or higher.

The pros and cons of limiting the mate selection pool to those who match up on these demographics create personal choices that come with trade-offs. But people's demographics do influence who they are, how they behave and what they value. Bureau of the Census samples about 50,000 households every month and "is scientifically selected to represent the civilian non-institutionalized population...

I am all for loosening rigid notions about compatibility that are more focused on demographics than values. So rather than excluding whole groups of people out of hand, taking the time to see how someone's race, ethnicity, education, age and income affect their beliefs, attitudes, character and actions gives us a much better shot at a compatible match - with a broader pool of possibilities! All rights reserved on Contemporary Families, Board of Directors member Footnotes1. The sample provides estimates for the nation as a whole".

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A far greater percentage of black women have already been divorced than anyone else in this age group!Where I use the term "Latinas" I am referring to Hispanics of any race as the CPS does. Income and education make a huge difference in the pool of available black men for black women, many of whom are seeking black men only.Your stats drive home the point that the more successful a black woman is, the more willing she must be to consider a partner of another race or ethnicity.She refused, telling him it was too fast for her but that she would love to see him again. For years I facilitated black student, faculty and staff support groups on predominantly white campuses and heard similar complaints (especially about high-achieving black men dating and marrying interracially).What's really going on with high-achieving black women and marriage?

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