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Recovered from his previous trials, Jimmy seeks to continue moving forward with his life.

Along the way he meets Devon Mc Kinley, the girl, literally, of his dreams, the person who has shared his nocturnal visitations with.

But the stress of trying to change the world by herself is taking its toll.

When a villainess seeking revenge strikes, will it be the final push to send her over the edge?

And when an old friend from her past decides to take revenge, not only will her life be in danger, but the lives of everyone close to her.but when Danny comes along and gains access to the program, does his strong moral values withstand the onslaught of overwhelming temptation?Christine brings her daughter Robin to the Abbey, hoping she’s taught Robin enough to fare better than she did, in the Fledging all freshmen undergo.Recovering from his ordeal at the hands of Serpentina, Jimmy Frasier begins trying to put his life back together.Eking out a new start in a new city with his new girlfriend, things finally seem to be going well.

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