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"Everything was so sentimental that week." A possible final act for Robin Sparkles?

: When asked whether there would be another musical episode before the end of the series, Bays and Thomas said they "won't confirm or deny, but no." Hopefully that doesn't negate one more Robin Sparkles appearance! The last day with Jason, the five of us had a scene.

He is certainly the stand out performer, and I don't say that lightly as I am a fan of both Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan (but they have been woefully under used this season) but as Barney would say its a "True Story"Plot In A Paragraph: Following Robin and Barney's break-up, Robin isn't yet ready to date again, So when Don , her new co-anchor, calls to ask Robin for a date, she is about to say no until someone intervenes on her behalf.

Meanwhile Barney has been back to his womanising ways.

When Barney finds out that Anita is not only using the strategies in the book but is the book's author, Barney, on Ted's advice, comes up with a plan to circumvent Anita's strategy.

Later, the gang minus Barney learn that Barney meeting Anita was not by accident, and learn the reason for the not ...

Next, she resumes shooting without eye or ear protection, a major range safety violation.That same episode will reveal that someone else is Ted's life also has a breakup butterfly tattoo. The return of several fan-favorite characters: Monday night's episode, which was screened before the panel, will welcome back a plethora of familiar faces in a scene that will give some closure for those secondary characters that have come in and out of the gang's lives over the years."It was fun to get to do one more of those," Bays said of a scene at the end of Monday's episode, which has a similar feel to the two-minute date.I thought they did a really beautiful job, so that's my opinion," Saget told Andy Cohen. Fans took to Twitter following the "To #HIMYM fans who didn't love the finale: We respect you and for every controversial finale, there is always a Plan B," co-creator Craig Thomas shared on Twitter."We love all #HIMYM fans and respect all opinions..we want to share that Plan B with you on the series box set.

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