Of course, 30 percent seems shocking until you realize that some studies—which vary wildly—estimate that anywhere from 25 to 72 percent of married people cheat.

Tinder didn't create that, but if it exists in nature, it exists on Tinder, too.

OIP had a quick chat with the filmmaker Damian Dunstan about creating the series. Through the series we talked about the possibilities of the app – whether it was possible to date on it – as well as probing into the prevalence of racism and ageism on Grindr.


Sales tweeted the report, and Tinder responded—in a pretty hysterical way.

In fact, it's scary to think how easily I could have missed out on meeting the person who now means the most to me.

Sales' story alludes briefly to the fact that some Tinder users do "catch feelings" for other users "and that’s what sucks," says one source. And sometimes, years later, you still find yourself defending those feelings to someone you just met at a fancy party when, really, you just came for the steak.*For now, I'll leave closed the Pandora's box full of double standards against women embedded in that simple phrase, and just say that by most measures, I am a nice girl.

back, I was at a pretty fancy party, talking to a woman I respect deeply.

For about as long as I've been alive, she's been working to spread the message about why we don't need to panic about the rise of technology and why it can be a source for good. After a while, we got to talking about our summer travel plans.

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