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This was the kind of immature behavior that constantly got him into trouble and THAT was the reason he was challenged. That is what Bruce told Linda and it was not the truth.

Not long after arriving to San Francisco in 1959, Bruce Lee had a heated incident with Lau Bun and his senior students in Chinatown.Lau Bun (center) with senior students in Hung Sing, his basement training studio off of Portsmouth Square in San Francisco's Chinatown.In 1959, 18-year-old Bruce Lee would have a little known run-in with this crew.He basically got the letter for being big headed and thinking he could make open challenges in a place with some of the best martial artists in the world.He was a total egomaniac and, according to his ex-girlfriend, Amy Sanbo, he was a "macho pig." She said she felt sorry for Linda when she saw them together in Seattle one time because she knew Bruce was going to be cheating on her left and right (which he did) and Linda would have to put up with all of the "insufferable" things Bruce said. Across the water from Oakland within the city of his birth, Bruce Lee was perpetually at odds with the martial arts culture of Chinatown.

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