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The real reason the fight happened was not because he was teaching "quilo", but because Bruce was making open challenges to people in the traditional martial arts community. There were witnesses to this event and from what I heard T. At that time Bruce was a young upstart with little respect for his elders.At the Sun Sing Theater, Bruce Lee said he was better than any martial artists in San Francisco and anyone could come to his studio to challenge him after he failed knock back a volunteer from the audience on the first try and was laughed at and booed by the audience. It's been said he had issues with his dad so maybe that could have had something to do with it.He maintained a rigid discipline over his students and other martial artists within the neighborhood.For years, Lau Bun did not allow Chinatown to devolve into the sort of daily youth violence that Bruce Lee grew up around on the streets (and rooftops) of Hong Kong during the 1950s, where students from rival martial arts schools regularly challenged each other to fights.TY, Bruce and James Lee would all package insults into their books from this era, aimed between Oakland and San Francisco.Instantly then, Bruce had gotten off to a bad start within Chinatown.After he landed in San Francisco he went to Grandmaster T. At the Sun Sing Theatre on Grant Street in San Francisco during a demonstration Bruce was putting on.Bruce put out a challenge on stage and said no one could stand up to his fist.

It was as if he was considering it a death match because he was nervous and his ego was in jeopardy.Bruce was an inspiring figure to Asians and all people around the world and I respect that.But let there be no mistake, as a young man he was a cocky egomaniac who many people in the traditional martial arts world found difficult to get along with. Wong knew Bruce Lee’s father and out of respect refused to fight him. These were the real reasons why the Chinese martial arts community in San Francisco had it out for him.Lau Bun (center) with senior students in Hung Sing, his basement training studio off of Portsmouth Square in San Francisco's Chinatown.In 1959, 18-year-old Bruce Lee would have a little known run-in with this crew.

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