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The following is a list of a number of recent incidents characterized as inspired by Islamophobia by commentators.Note that "Islamophobia" became a popular term in ideological debate in the 2000s, and it may have been applied retrospectively to earlier incidents.A case of wine called "72 Virgins" was also up for grabs, along with a signed photograph of Dame Joan Sutherland.In Bosnia, Christian Serb and Croat militias carried out genocidal attacks on the Muslim Bosniak community.The attack led to violent protests by Turks in several German cities and to large demonstrations of Germans expressing solidarity with the Turkish victims.Bosphorus serial murders: A neo-Nazi group committed several murders of ethnic Turks and Kurds.I feel that I now know what Jewish women went through before the Nazi roundups in France.When they went out in the street they were identified, singled out, they were vilified.

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A 28-year-old man killed a 56-year-old man and injured three others.Ten people, including the perpetrator, were killed and 36 others were injured.The motive for the shooting is under investigation, but the perpetrator had expressed admiration for Germany's right-wing Af D party, A Muslim cemetery was desecrated with about ten gravestones smashed, spurring a spontaneous demonstration by around 30 members of the Turkish minority living in the city.A man tried to throw a Molotov cocktail through the window of a mosque in, but was stopped by the police.The police had been watching the mosque because it had already been the target of multiple attacks.

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