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If they only befriend people online, then there may be a problem.

Things that may be negatively impacting them in real life such as bullying make them lean towards the internet for friends and social interaction.

They do not know if they are adults pretending to be kids just to get private information.

They do not know if they are pedophiles looking for young children to prey upon. So I say yes, it is not good that your child's only friends are people online.

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A majority (not all though) of my friends are online, and this isn't all a bad thing.They do not know if those people on the Internet are bad people looking to cause any types of harm to their children. It would probably be best for your child to communicate with kids at their own school or a lot of my friends and my friends' friends are on the internet.The internet is wonderful for meeting people with similar values and interests, and in high school, where most of the population is constantly working to "fit in" (hiding a lot of their true personalities), it can be difficult to find people you relate to. they stop instantly feeling awkward and say nothing is wrong and they stay quiet.So maybe your kid is super unique and creative and unafraid to be themselves, and in this case, I applaud them. tell them if you like to skype tell them if they would like to see their friend if either decline start thinking on how to help your child understand if they don't like parents saying hi for 5 seconds then be on guard Yes!

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