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I've met so many wonderful people through the lgbt community. I would be worried, partially because I do understand your kid's perspective, far too well.

A majority (not all though) of my friends are online, and this isn't all a bad thing.

The issue is that these qualities (which are terrific) can make inter-personal relationships tricky when young. Are they involved with any extra curricular activities? There are also many positive things to find people online that have similar interest that have the same shyness as they do. You should definitely worry if your kids ONLY friends are online!! That's your problem because I do have useful info. You see, it is a problem about your child's social life.(and this is absolutely nothing against your child) Your child should have the opportunity to make friends and aqquantences (I know, it's spelled wrong, don't judge).

These are the kids who are usually not treated as well, and may not get along well with other kids their age who are more worried about how others view them. Don't be afraid to ask them about some of these things as well; if they are bullied or dealing with anxiety, or anything else really, talking to them is probably the best way to assess the situation. some people online can be better than some IRL that are mean... Because a lot of young people go to sites with friends they talk too. but also tell them its not the end of the world if they leave for a few hours then if they panic you don't yell or tell them to avoid them. But, yeah, I know exactly what you're thinking..."this is just some 13-year-old trying to give me a useless answer... Here's the question: do you homeschool your child?

if your child adds an internet friend on snapchat and when they start sending each other snapchats and your child can verify that they are actually their age and they are a real person, then you shouldn't worry.

You actually wouldn't know if that person was pretending to be someone else. I'm 14 and most of my friends are online but some of them I met them in person and we just contact each other through social media.

I have 2 true friends that are loyal and one is leaving soon. I've made lots of friends online and they're nice to me! But if this kid knows what they are doing, i dont see any harm.

Consider whether these issues point to underlying issues that may have nothing to do with being online but might be signs of depression, being bullied, or other offline issues, and, of course, seek outside help if necessary.The internet is wonderful for meeting people with similar values and interests, and in high school, where most of the population is constantly working to "fit in" (hiding a lot of their true personalities), it can be difficult to find people you relate to. they stop instantly feeling awkward and say nothing is wrong and they stay quiet.So maybe your kid is super unique and creative and unafraid to be themselves, and in this case, I applaud them. tell them if you like to skype tell them if they would like to see their friend if either decline start thinking on how to help your child understand if they don't like parents saying hi for 5 seconds then be on guard Yes!Well most of my friends are online because no one in real life gets me. I've dealt with depression and anxiety issues for the last few months and my "online" friends have been helping me and been praying for me. It's okay to make friends online but that is absurd.I've come out as trans to my friends and they all laugh and say "it's just a phase" "you're too young to know" where as my online friends accept me. It's ok for your child(s) to have only online friends or a lot of online friends. People talk about all the bad people in the world and online. I would limit your children's internet time and plan play dates or something for them.

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