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I believe it is a pure money making scam because you must pay to read or send emails.Only one woman was able to talk by skype and I have the feeling she is one of the web site staff or owners since after talking for a short time became very blunt, uninterested and turned of the cam and stopped talking.You get a consistent number of winks and emails all at the same time of day and even the letters sound the same.As well photos of several of the woman show up on many other web sites.

I assume fake profiles are about the 70% of them None of the woman are able to connect by email and all use the same excuses.

Joining Old Romantics is: Unlike many professions, farmers tend to slow down rather than retire.

They may delegate to family or farmworkers but often don’t let go of the reins completely.

We thought it would be miles better for everyone if we could set up a simple, free to join and easy to use website for over 50s dating, and see what we could do for people just like us.

We are: Old Romantics is all about mature dating, and helping single men and women over the age of 50 to find one another.

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