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For the sake of an honest review, I have to say that I don’t find JOUR d’HERMES to be a unique or stellar fragrance, but I do like it.

I’m also thinking that this chilly, dreary, winter day isn’t the best time for it and I’ll save the rest of the vial for warmer weather.

Those for whom things must be spoken but not shouted, yet their message is equally strong.

A quiet, but nevertheless complex and beautiful scent where the lemon and sweet pea, familiar Jean-Claude Ellena's favourites, play along with the gardenia, making it peppery and almost rocket salad-like.

I had to laugh inside of me because I think that Mademoiselle has a similar dry down but it is louder, scratchier and overwhelming at the point of being almost unbearable whereas Jour is a smooth operator with low to moderate silage but exceptional longevity.

I remember when it came out some parfumista where disappointed because it wasn't something really groundbreaking, but I really liked it because I love all Jean-Claude Ellena's scents, especially the Jardin series, and I missed something very similar, only more explicitly feminine, a sort of Jardin de Femme, for those days when you want the freshness of the Jardin fragrances but also want to feel exquisitely feminine. I love the citruses that make it refreshing, luminous and sparkling, I love the delicate white flowers that make it creamy, feminine, elegant, and I love the mysterious woods and spices that make it so exotic, so unmistakably Hermes.

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Initially on the first sprays it opens with notes that make me think of Gabrielle only I tend to think Jour is more heavy on the citrus whilst Gabrielle leans more on the floral notes. Even though they share some similarities they still stand on their own as distinctive and quality scents . This is mature citrus, a dense jammed sour citrus mix with flower, a little bouquet of expensive white flower on top of fragrance wood cabinet. Perfume is wonderful for spring - when trees emit the same freshness and beauty. It's light, crisp and doesn't project beyond one's personal space.

This is the scent of an elegant, beautiful woman, restrained and passionate at the same time.

This fragrance is not sexy but it makes you feel sexy in a subtle way. One day a young colleague that wore Mademoiselle asked me what was the suave perfume I was wearing.

It isn’t sweet and there isn’t any of that “eau de cleaning product” vibe that can be detected in some citrus fragrances.

JOUR d’HERMES is very well-blended and has the opulent quality that I tend to associate with this brand. As I’m writing this, it’s been on for 6 hours and although it’s fading, I can still smell it.

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