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But the content of the report is well within the PAF plans, and would be discussed further within this blog entry.The Philippine Air Force has been pushing very hard to accomplish its goal to transition its forces to territorial defense after being tied-up to internal security operations for decades.She loves to educate and spread financial literacy. Recently the Philippine Star released a news report regarding the planned acquisition of 24 fighter aircraft in the near future for the Philippine Air Force (PAF).A few years ago, the PAF released its Air Defense Strategic Plan, with the medium-term vision of having a "Credible Air Defense Force by 2022".With the Revised AFP Modernization Program scheduled for implementation from 2013 to 2028, the PAF has created a program that would be done in stages, with the major breakthrough goals having set by years 2022 for the medium-term and 2028 for the long-term. In 1953, the Philippine government established the Philippine Air Defense Identification Zone (PADIZ).

Although most Filipino workers have some kind of benefits like SSS or GSIS or company given benefits. How do you compute how much will be your retirement pension from SSS when you retire? If you are an employee, you can ask the HR or accounting of your company or you can look at your payslip.

This includes the 780th Ground Base Air Defense Group (in which the group's logo was posted in ); and a still unnamed new group which will control Airborne Early Warning & Control and Electronic Countermeasures Aircraft assets.

Other units will also be formed specifically to cater for peculiar support for the Air Defense units., starting with the Air Defense Command's headquarters at Basa Air Base, wherein its runway, taxiways, its hangars and aerodrome facilities, and the Hypobaric Chamber facility.

PADIZ only covers entire Luzon region, parts of Visayas, and only islands north of Palawan.

Major areas in the Visayas like the islands of Cebu, Negros, Leyte, Bohol, and the entire Mindanao region are not included in the current PADIZ.

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