Photostream not updating on my pc

Albums will also be automatically created for Slo-mo and Time-Lapse videos, Bursts of multiple photos that you capture when shooting in burst mode, and Screenshots that you create by pressing the power and home buttons simultaneously.If you’ve favorited certain photos (you’ll learn how to do this later), you’ll see an album called Favorites.From here you can tap on individual thumbnails to open them.To return to the list of albums, tap Albums at the top left of the screen.The original image is stored within the All Photos album, while the other albums simply allow you to view certain images within a collection.

You can see your i Phone photo albums by tapping Albums at the bottom right of the Photos app.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how use i Phone photo albums to manage photos on your phone, so that you can quickly and easily find the images you need.

Please note, the instructions in this tutorial are for organizing photos on i Phones running i OS 10.

You’ll also have a Recently Deleted album which holds any photos that you’ve deleted.

After 29 days these images will be permanently deleted from your phone.

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