Pixel king sony when updating

On the A7II you will get 3 Axis IS with manual Leica M lenses, still a wonderful IS system that helps eliminate the shakes. Best ND I have ever used and allows wide open aperture in full sunlight which gives an altogether different effect.

You can contact Ken at PS – The Leica M and Noct will cost you k. Insane I know, and it is NOT for everyone but just showing that you can save some cash by using it on the A7 bodies.

If you did not see my A7s review, you can see it by clicking here.

The low light monster A7s really grabbed me in so many ways, from the full frame 12MP sensor that can literally see in the dark to the beautiful color and quality that comes from it.

Yes, the new design and beefy build is welcomed and yes the video is stellar.

Yes, you can shoot at ISO 8000 and up to 12,800 and get usable results.

I am a lucky guy and thanks to Ken Hansen, who has been part of this site since day 1 (Ken is a legendary Leica dealer with over 50 years experience) by helping me to get it going, I was recently able to obtain a Leica Noctilux again after selling off my last one 1 1/2 years ago due to needing funds more than the lens.

It has been a year and half since I shot with the Noctilux on the Leica M 240 (see a post here) and while it is always a magical lens and what I call a “Lifetime Lens”, it is a lens that is not only hard to justify for mere mortals, it is a lens that is so unique it may be the most lusted after rangefinder lens in history.

I have seen some pretty special photos with this lens when in super talented hands.Yep, they squeezed in the last couple of weeks of 2014 and captured my #1 fave camera of the year.My # is the Sony A7s, and those who know me and know this website know that I LOVE the Sony A7s.The silent shutter and ability to shoot wide angle Leica M lenses was icing on the cake.So now today I am here to sit at my desk in a Log Cabin in the woods I rented for the Holidays.the long haul.write about my real word experience with the new and quite popular Sony A7II. Look at the color.depth.magical rendering that adds emotion and soul to the image. They also changed the ergonomics by adding a new bigger grip and changing the buttons and dials around a bit.

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