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Zinnwrites: They couldn t force the Indians to work for them, as Columbus haddone.They were outnumbered, and while, with superior firearms, theycould massacre the Indians, they would face massacre in return.Like any American History book covering the timeperiod of 1492 until the early 1760 s, A People s History tells thestory of the discovery of America, early colonization by Europeanpowers, the governing of these colonies, and the rising discontent ofthe colonists towards their leaders.Zinn, however, stresses the role ofa number of groups and ideas that most books neglect or skim over: theplight of the Native Americans that had their numbers reduced by up to90% by European invasion, the equality of these peoples in many regardsto their European counterparts, the importation of slaves into Americaand their unspeakable travel conditions and treatment, the callousbuildup of the agricultural economy around these slaves, thediscontented colonists whose plight was ignored by the rulingbourgeoisie, and most importantly, the rising class and racial strugglesin America that Zinn correctly credits as being the root of many of theproblems that we as a nation have today.The core part of any history book is obviously history.In the firstthree chapters of the book, Zinn presents the major historical facts ofthe first 250 years of American history starting from when Christopher Columbus s Ni a, Pinta, and Santa Maria landed in the Bahamas on October12, 1492.Black slavery became an American institution that the southern andmiddle colonies began to depend on for their economic success.

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Zinncites population figures, first person accounts, and his owninterpretation of their effects to create an accurate and fair depictionof the first two and a half centuries of European life on the continentof North America.Nathaniel Bacon led arevolution against Virginia governor William Berkeley and hisconciliatory Indian policies.Bacon and others who lived on the westernfrontier wanted more protection from the government against Indianattacks.They paid careful attention to the development ofpersonality, intensity of will, independence and flexibility, passionand potency, to their partnership with one another and with nature (21-22).In the middle of the first chapter, Zinn uses the historical treatmentof Columbus to explain his own view on teaching history.

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