Racial dating preferences

I wasn't trying to make a point, i was just asking a question....i know the sample size is small, i wanted to hear others opinions.I didn't think that there's enough Latinos population in Europe to make big enough of an impression to warrant their own group in survey of this broad topic.Of course as an American I consider Latinos to be anyone of central or south America descent. So it seems the black women still prefer black men, despite black men preferring non-black women?I've met women of pretty much every race that had terrible personalities, but I've also met women of pretty much every race with good personalities. (It's difficult to date people in your race too, but that's besides the point.) There are a number of girls I would have liked to get to know, but couldn't because there is a social stigma attached to it, and in some cases it could even be dangerous.I agree, but at the same time, we should not be ashamed of our preferences provided they do not go towards racism.Even Dwayne Johnson always been seen with no Black girls in his movies. Edit 2: The chart is BS and doesn't tell the whole story. Second, these are statistics pulled from a sample of volunteers from a dating app, so there's sample bias right there because you're pulling from one specific demographic (people who use that dating app).

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Edit: Denzel isn't the only Black actor who goes for non-Black chicks.

So it seems the black women still prefer black men, despite black men preferring non-black women?

I know that there is a high percentage of professional black male athletes who partner up with non-black women.

Also, this was also an interesting read that was suggested as a read in one of my required classes..."Ethnicity & Family Therapy"....

doesn't deal with dating, but it gives so much insight when ur at someone else's house as a guest and they are "X" backgroundtalks about how race/ethnicity influences presentation to seek medical help...

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