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If you build out multiple internet businesses that generate 0K a year, then build out a bunch of real estate assets that generate 0K a year… Now both sides of the fence think you’re only making K a month. If you work online, this is not a good set up since you could spend your time responding to emails, making small updates or researching in general.

Now we realize on first glance that these numbers may seem low or high (depending on the age of the reader) but it is certainly possible to get two streams of cash flow to K a month and have no one think you’re rich. Making money while you’re in transit is a lot better than spending your time avoiding incompetent drivers on the road.

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Our expert Sugar Baby Coaches will be available at the Pop-up to give you some real talk, and help you understand what you can do better.

Don’t Talk About Scaling a Business: That’s right, when you start to scale your business or your investments… Most people are busy trying to cut costs to increase their savings rate.

Get Richer While Remaining Under the Radar For what it is worth, somewhere around million and it becomes almost impossible to be under the radar (from what we’ve seen). If your primary residence is worth nearly million you’re likely well off so your cover is blown.So if we talk in reverse fashion, it only attracts people who were smart enough to realize they were being fed lies in school (“team spirit”, “team work”, “go the extra mile for someone else” and other such nonsense).The idea of getting rich and laying low is pretty important so we’ll give you a step by step on how to do it. #1 Remember to Avoid Fame: As we’ve said in the past, fame is just harassment from regular people.We write the way we do because if we state something as “fact” it makes it a lot more likely that people will try it.In school most people are taught to be “open minded” as their liberal teachers force feed them horrible advice on how to succeed.

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