Scott moir dating tessa virtue

She also won two silver medals for Canada in the 2014 Sochi Olympics in ICE Dancing.She also became world ice-skating champion two times, once in 2010 and, 2012.She is gorgeous and, beautiful, who has a well-maintained body with the fit and fine.She has 5 feet 5 inches in height and around 50 kg of weight.Fans who watched them skate their long program in the team competition may have noticed that a key lift was a little less raunchy than usual (though still sexy, it should be noted).That’s because Scott and Tessa decided to pour a little cold water on their infamous move, by limiting the seconds that she spends with her legs wrapped around his neck. excuse me why ain't u married yet @tessavirtue @Scott Moir Id WFK — mar????

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She also achieved the most beautiful figure skater in Sochi Olympics and, Vancouver games.The duo together has participated in various competitions and bagged impressive titles.Speaking of her achievements, in 2010, she won an Olympics gold medal for Canada in Vancouver Winter Olympics.The gold medallists have set the Internet — and our collective loins — on fire.And while the duo maintains that they’re not an item, we’re not so sure.

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