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However,with all this additional choice also comes a reluctance to commit to anything or anyone.Take the La-Di-Dah Princess who has everything that money can buy. Along comes the good-natured Afrikaans boy, who has been eyeing our Princess.

After Delaine (Ashley Jones) discovers her jerk of a husband, Robert (Scott Gibson), has been cheating on her she immediately blames herself, as does her husband. While some may believe that it is sacred, I seem to be encountering more and more people that view it as a primal need, nothing more than an itch that needs scratching.These types (including but not limited to WISOs/MISOs) do not require any semblance of a relationship before they drop their panties.For a head-in-the-clouds type of girl like me, (recently-established) deal breakers may include things like him being gainfully employed and having the ability (car and licence) to drive my lazy-ass around, but others set the bar much lower.The only requirement for a little bit of action is not attraction, wit, or a good physique but simply that he is easily accessible and always available (he has no hobbies so literally sits around twiddling his thumbs till he receives her whatsapp), so that whenever the need arises he is able to answer the booty call almost immediately.

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