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All the women I spoke to were obsessive about covering their technical tracks.Laura, 51, a reflexologist from Hertfordshire, with a teenage son, has had three affairs over the past 10 years with men she has met on various websites.

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She has two mobiles: one for general use and one for EMAs (extramarital affairs, to use the jargon), which can only be accessed by a pin number and is set on silent mode so that her husband, Brian, an events manager, can't hear texts arriving.It's about passion and spontaneity – having sex in the shower and up against a wall, all the things you see in movies that just never happen when you're arguing over whose turn it is to wipe the kids' bottoms.' The advent of email and mobiles have made affairs easier to run than ever before in practical, if not emotional, terms.Yet suspicious husbands are also dab hands at checking their wives' inboxes.I ended up stuffing all my new buys inside the legs of a manky old tracksuit.I washed them by hand, locked in the bathroom, and dried them with a hairdryer as I didn't dare hang them up.' Tall, strong-featured and dressed in a cashmere sweater and wool trousers, Sheila is the kind of woman you see in the aisles of Waitrose, the front row of the school carol service.

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