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Below you can find the conditions of organization of the shared trip: The most popular directions that our clients choose are USA, India, Thailand, China, Croatia, Montenegro, Egypt, Turkey, Sri-Lanka, Georgia, Russia, Maldives.

Please be free to send us your thoughts about your desired trip.

You always have to go to the office and spend a lot of time just to look through the catalogues. Besides that in many agencies the girl you chose becomes a pig in a poke. You see a beautiful girl on a picture and that's all you get.

You never get a chance to see the exact details you deserve to see as a consumer.

We are aware that bad reviews spread very fast on men's forums and we definitely do not want hurt our brand and good name. We love our clients and we want to see them again and again!

It's an ancient city with long and exciting history and grand future.

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In spite of the high-tech age when it's so easy to buy any goods and services many Ukrainian escort agencies are afraid of being exposed (the reason is that those agencies work illegal) which leads to your inability of making your choice online. There never is a guarantee that you will find the girl you want.This should give you the peace of mind to be sure that we will not risk our reputation by misleading or otherwise defaulting on our obligations.If after sending a deposit, you need to reschedule the dates, we will gladly accommodate your request as well, and but for airfare changes or fees, your deposit will be applied to your new reservation. Second only to the safety and privacy of our girls and clients, customer service is our main concern.You will be completely surrounded with our attention and care during 2 days. Please ask our manager about the conditions and possibilities.You will reside in the cozy and comfortable apartment. You can offer us your own variant in case this program does not suit you. all included) If you're visiting Kiev in transit and you only have few hours in the airport, don't spend this time alone and bored! You can pick the model and spend up to three exciting hours in our place. We often receive questions in reference to the advance deposit necessary before sending one of our girls to visit you abroad.

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