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The programme information pane stays on screen whilst the mouse pointer is positioned on it.Move the mouse pointer away from the control bar and programme information pane and it will hide after 3 seconds.Previously downloaded programmes will not move to the new storage location, but will continue to be available to play until they expire.To download programmes on Mac OS 10.9, the BBC i Player Downloads application must be running when you click the ‘download' button on the BBC i Player website.If you have run out of memory to store programmes or if the database within the application becomes corrupt the BBC i Player Downloads will display the following message: "There are problems with your downloads, to continue using the application it needs to be reset." If you select "Remove Downloads and restart" BBC i Player Downloads will restart and reset its database.While it will appear that you've lost your downloaded programmes, they are still on your computer and by selecting the programme to download in BBC i Player, your existing download will be recognised in BBC i Player Downloads again.

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So keep an eye on the expiry date of each programme you download to make sure you don't miss out!

In full-screen playback, the mouse pointer will also hide after 3 seconds.

To do this you’ll need to be on the latest version of BBC i Player Downloads.

Downloads are available on compatible Android and i OS devices with the .

There are two quality versions of a download - Standard Definition and High Definition.

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