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An obvious explanation for the sudden emergence of the word would be a major impact event or large shower of meteorites.

This would have been witnessed by much of the ancient Egyptian population, leaving little uncertainty as to where exactly the mysterious iron came from.

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If ancient Egyptians knew that iron could be found in meteorites that came from the sky – the place of the gods – it may have been symbolically important to them.

The best-known example is a letter from King Tushratta of Mitanni (today in northern Iraq and Syria) detailing a dowry of his daughter who was to be sent as a bride to Tutankhamun’s grandfather, King Amenhotep III.

This letter intriguingly refers to a dagger blade of “habalkinu”, a poorly documented word derived from the ancient Hittite language that some linguists have translated as “steel”.

Until recently, we didn’t think that the ancient Egyptians were particularly good at producing iron objects until late in their history, around 500BC.

There’s no archaeological evidence for significant iron working anywhere in the Nile Valley.

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