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The Scandinavian country of Sweden possesses a very special place in the heart of fun loving male adventurers.There are, by all means, few countries that have gifted the world with as many as gorgeous divas as Sweden.

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In this you can verify by looking at my list of the most .The main distinction between registered partnership and marriage was that they were covered by separate laws, and that same-sex partnerships were a civil matter and could not be conducted through the church authority.LGBT groups complained about this inequality, asking for a gender-neutral marriage law.Welcome isn't the funniest show you've ever seen, but it's novel and charming, and the Swedish scenery is gorgeous. MORE: Robert Bianco reviews Thursday night's new quartet Working the Engels | NBC, ET/PTOn the other hand, if last week's premiere wasn't enough to convince you to skip the Engels, tonight's should seal the deal.The basic, unfortunate, problem is that Kacey Rohl and Benjamin Arthur aren't up to the demands of the material — and the material isn't up to the skills of Andrea Martin and Azura Skye.

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