Updating an old kitchen

Don’t leave your restaurant’s potential success in the hands of fate.Decide which aspects of your business need attention and effortlessly create reports that will aid you in making informed decisions.Lisa explains it's "just big enough for two people to escape for an evening drink and to enjoy views of the street and curious, old rooftops." "This was a personal project for my partner and myself and responded sensitively to both of our needs – functionally and aesthetically.My personal approach to architecture is that it should be somewhat playful, respectful of the past and present, and provide sensitive enhancement to people’s lives - rather than forcefully re-defining them." - Lisa Cummins is "great for two people without the unnecessary indulgence of extra bedrooms or ensuites and, instead, a focus on two living spaces".by the Hue Emulation add-on, which makes open HAB expose arbitrary items as lights by mimicking a Philips hue bridge.Kudos to @digitaldan who made the necessary changes to that add-on, so that Google Home correctly recognises open HAB as a Hue bridge.is a renovation to a Victorian home in Melbourne's Brunswick East designed by Architect Lisa Cummins for herself and her partner.

Samba POS is in nearly 200 countries, operated in dozens of languages and used by thousands of restaurateurs.This post is specifically for our German users as Google Home is about to be launched in Germany tomorrow - but everyone in the US who already owns a Google Home might be interested as well: Since today, the open HAB 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT distro is able to integrate with Google Home.This is done the same way as for Amazon Echo (without using the skill), i.e.doesn't give much away from the street, but behind her modest facade are a number of surprises that introduce light, a sense of space and newfound delights to this elegant old home.The effect of the new addition is immediately apparent on entry - visitors are drawn to the light towards the rear of the home. After passing the two original rooms on the right (now a bedroom and study), the home opens horizontally and vertically into a new double-height, open-plan living space.

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