Updating calculated gridview field

By default each Active Record class is associated with its database table.

The table Name() method returns the table name by converting the class name via yii\helpers\Inflector::camel2id().

When you call save(), by default it will call validate() automatically.

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As aforementioned, the data brought back from the database are populated into Active Record instances, and each row of the query result corresponds to a single Active Record instance.You may override this method if the table is not named after this convention. For example if table Prefix is operator to create a query object, you call yii\db\Active Record::find() to return a new query object which is of class yii\db\Active Query.Below are some examples showing how to use Active Query to query data: Besides using query building methods, you can also write raw SQLs to query data and populate the results into Active Record objects.If you are concerned about code style consistency, you should rename your table columns accordingly (to use camel Case, for example).It often happens that the data being entered and/or displayed are in a format which is different from the one used in storing the data in a database.

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