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Jamestown, NC Frank Gourley, Department of Communtty Colleges; coordinated the work of the committee and compiled the results into this manual. Content has been arran9ed to provide for the development of increasing levels of skills as the'student progresses in the program. Instructional materials provided in the manual include course outlines. The textbooks and references for the air conditioning. Membership will enable them to learn quickly of developments in the industry and. The associations may also supply resource people to speak to classes. techniques and equipment availible in the air conditioning. Professional Associations Professional associations are an important source of instructional materials and provide other benefits for faculty members and students. to host student groups on field trips or for individual student projects. instruction' should'involve the students in library work. students should become aware of these associations and the resources they. and refrigeration instructors and students should be involved in selecting materials for the library and/or approving reference materials for air conditioning. and a number of high school occupational program& in climate control also encouraged the selection of The procedure used in the curriculum to be included in the project.provide guidance for'increased consistency among programs. and high school occupational teachers to determine the competencies Ihformarequired by employers for successful employment on the job. -outline for designing modular instructional materials.. These categories.industry there is an ever increasing need for trained personnel in the field. There were 122 career opportunity forms mailed and 42 forms returned for a 34 percent response. Preparation of any course in the curriculum requires the instructor to become familiar with texts and references in the course outlines and with others that may be available. periodicals and other reference materials related to the air conditioning. Equipment The amount and kind of equipment needed for the air conditioning. Instructors should be encouraged to work closely with the associations and to become active or ad hoc members if possible. Such associations provide information on publications.offer. and (3) to provide mechanisms for improved articulation In order to accomplish these with high school occupational programs. 'manual.appointing curriculum committees (Appendix A and B). and refrigeration programs in two year institutions. This information was then carefully reviewed by the committee and rearrangements were made as necessary to provide an educationally sound program. to support.attitudes necessary to perform each major task. This list was organized according to major topics required in the air conditioning.curriculum committee. Air Conditioning.program including use as a teaching guide. Sizing, installing, and balancing of ductwork is performed as needed. Instructors actively serving on the committee include: ,= Robert Parker Asheville-Buncombe Tech. Thanks are due to those instructors not formally on the committee who reviewed and critiqued the materials at various stages during the development process. Suggested lab experiences and instructional resources Tor the instructor. The effectiveness of any program depends largely upon the competence and enthusiasm of the instructional staff. Suggested job descriptions and job competencies for air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration are giver.. For all other courses, brief topical outlines are prcvided. ATING IT POINTS OF VIEW OR OPINIONS STATED DO NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT OFF ICIAL NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION POSITION OR POLICY TO THE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES INFORMATION CENTER (ERIC)." for Energy Conservation Curriculum and Short Course Project #8208. PL 94-385: 2 By authority of the State Board of Education, North Carolina Administrative Code, Section 4C.0800, the respective institutions and the state department in the North Carolina Community College System are equal-opportunity and affirmative action employers. Appreciation is expressed to high school climate control and air conditioning teachers who participated in committee meetings'and to Ben Albright, Consultant, Department of Public Instruction for providing continual liaison with the project, Their cooperation in contributing to the effort to identify competencies being taught at different educational levels provides a basis for continued correlation among these programs. thanks- are expressed to Joe Steinbeck for his help in writing and compling course materials for the manual. Funds were made available by the Energy Division to help identify and develop energy conservation skills in this curriculum. 4 Tasks and competenciet) by job level and by quarter.3. The information provided in the manual lends itself to be used in. The curriculum courses included in the manual supersede the earlier No official action. institution to modify.manual is available as an aid for institutions wishing to update their air conditioning. heating and refrigeration curriculum materials have been reviewed and distussed in a statewide meeting of instructors with famorable consensus at the meeting. materials are provided to assist the instructor in teaching the program described by'the curriculum guide. Chapter 2 describes the project procedures utilized in developing the curriculum. curriculum including course outlines for two air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration mechanic courses. Carolina Energy Division, with funds granted by the U. Department of Energy (DOE) pursuant to the provisions of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) PL 94-163, and/or the Energy Conservation and Production Act (ECPA). Their response by letter and through attendance at meetings provided valuable input in determining the final outcomes of the curriculum. At-the time the Program Development Section was negotiating with the Energy Di Vision of the NC Depart Ment of GOmmerce to develop short course and curriculum materials that could be used to teach energy conservationconcepts in community colleges and.) job categories. It is recommended that institutions adopt the curriculum guide upon Instructional the recommendation of their local advisory committee. industry and institutional survey information and equipment. If the institution decides its existing curriculum to the new format.

We feel the Air Conditiioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Curriculum Manual represents ti-e current best thinking of the instructors and employers involved ith this program. Winston-Salem, NC Cyrus Parker Coastal Carolina Comm. Levels-of performance have been described with job titles. The room(s) should be available for student practice at times other than formal laboratory periods. drill refrigeration instructor should be consistent with the teaching load of other be able to carry out the objectives of the program and to plan. The number of students could vary from 12 to 25 depending upon the equipment available with a recommended average class size of 18 full-time student. The faculty should also be able to counsel students. per student should be provided for storage of equipment. Chalkboards and electrical outlets should be located for convenience in audiovisual communication. (9) developing course descriptions and curriculum guides (Chapter IV). his service area that would participate in-the project. These statements can be used to describe the educational experiences recommended for students prior to completion of levels within the curriculum. (5) departmental responsibilities and (6) other special duties. Maple table 'tops and stools with backs are recommended. and through continuing education and/or professional organizations be aware of the changes developing in the Facilities The community college or technical institute is responsible for providing adequate. and refrigeration program or any program within an institution depends to a great extent on the selection. at least one laboratory-classroom with equipment for demonstration and laboratory practice is needed. A full time load is usually considered to be from 16 to 25 contact hours per week. Factors to be considered in making load determination should include: (1). The number and size of classrooms will depend upon student enrollment. Soft lighting should be provided to enable students to take notes during audiovisual presentations. Characteristics of a quality library include qualifications of the librarian. Library facilities should be readily accessible to both full-time and part-time students and faculty not only during instructional hours but for hours beyond regular instructional hours. By using these techniques the instructor will then be able to select materials that best promote an interesting. (8) writing course outlines to include instructional objectives (Chapter IV). The fourth quarter covers all year comfort systems. Additional laboratory space may be needed if simulation is used in the program. implement and evaluate learning experiences essential to the program. and attractive facilities which are appropriately located for instruction. and refrigeration curriculum was chosen as one of the curriculums to be included in the competency-based curriculum project since employers were already suggesting a review of the existing curriculum. a need for these jobs to exist in North Carolina and were asked to add other (Refer to Appendix G titles in which they presently employed persons. There were 50 job titles listed and Respondents were asked to indicate if they felt space left to add more. If metal table tops are used isolation transformers are recommended for safety reasons. The instructor should also be responsible for maintaining liaison with industry through advisory committee meet. work with individuals and organizations within the community. The laboratory should -consist of a minimum of 100 square feet of space per student: The laboratory should be properly lighted. Adequate facilities should be provided to safely handle and store refrigerant oils. it should be possible to select materials that are appropriate for each institution with the understanding that unlisted materials. and (4) curriculum materials based on the guidelines to assist educational personnel in providing quality occupational education programs. and others were contacted for copies of materials available on air conditioning.

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