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One dose of the MMR vaccine affords 78% protection, while two doses provide 88% effectiveness, according to the CDC.

The vaccine is the best prevention for mumps, and Even encourages colleges to ask for proof that their students are immunized and not just assume they are.

In updating its numbers yesterday, the CDC said that, as of Apr 1, public health departments have reported 467 mumps cases already this year.

Although mumps cases have seen a sharp decline since the CDC began recommending a two-dose vaccine prevention plan in 1988, outbreaks are still prevalent, particularly in high-contact social settings like college campuses.

More than 5,000 UI students took advantage of the free vaccine during the 2015-16 season, which so far has seen almost 300 mumps cases in Johnson County, most of which were at UI.

Although CDC researchers obtained data about the third dose's effects, the school has not seen its conclusions, according to Jim Kellogg, the director of The University of Iowa Student Health & Wellness.

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